• Bishop’s Training Event

    Bishop’s Training Event 2022 The 2022 Bishop’s Training Event will be held in two locations. Hobart – 17th September Launceston – 24th September  You can find out more by heading to anglicantas.org.au/bishops-training-event   Register Online

  • My Brother’s Gift

    I have an older brother. For arguments sake, let’s call him Tim (though more for truth’s sake as that really is his name). One Christmas, Tim organised a present for me. He wrapped it and  put it under the tree a few weeks out from Christmas. Each day he would draw my attention to it and encourage me to feel its weight and behold its size. The anticipation almost killed me. Finally the 25th of December arrived. The day was finally here. The anticipation would reach it’s satisfying end. Now, i should explain something about our family. We had a rule for Christmas day. We were allowed to open 1 present…